CEO Sarah Gretzinger Unlocks the Story of her Life In Personal Memoir

In a sit-down interview with the owner of Market Savvy & Co, we tackled some deep truths about Sarah's writing journey and the publishing process of her book, The Glass Ceiling. The book took 2 1/2 years to complete and is finally ready to hit the shelves.

When asked about the writing process here is what Sarah had to say, "The writing process was nothing like I had imagined. Truthfully, I didn't realize how intense my own life had been until I started to put it all out on paper. Once that happened, it was magical. I began to see how each moment in my life connected to lead me to something bigger, to where I am at right now."

Sarah's take on sharing her journey with the public. 'Truthfully, as I dove deeper and deeper into the writing process it got easier and scarier. I knew the only way this would ever get published was if I was brave enough to tell the story both on paper and off paper, and so I started to share the story on social media. I had no idea how people would react. More importantly how clients would react. Telling the world your deepest secrets opens the door to all kinds of things, some good and some bad. I was grateful that my audience accepted me for who I am and that 'the story' started to inspire the world around me. Now that we are in the pre-order stage of the marketing plan, it's that, take a deep breath and just go for it mentality. In all honesty, I'm scared shitless but hey, that's always when I have had the most growth in life."

On reliving the pain. "Having to write it, and rewrite it, and share it socially, and share it on stages was horrific at times. Truthfully, I am still learning about some of the things I have been through. Learning how they have changed me, how they have shaped me, how they have brought me to greatness, and in moments tore me apart. You cannot have life without pain and so we must take the good with the bad and let it bring us on the journey we are meant to walk on."

Her take on the books relation to Market Savvy & Co. "The book in relation to my professional career has been transformational. It has really opened my eyes to why I am where I am today. I love marketing, and I love leading teams, creating, analyzing, but the real lesson for me when it came to the book was realizing my own personal culture. At Market Savvy & Co, I always say people first business second. To me, that means that we recognize every person in business is also on a life journey, and through helping them define why they are in business, who they want to help, what they want to sell and why we can shape their world and their business to be successful. As a business owner myself, I see that everything that happens in my business impacts my personal life and vis versa, so it's important that we recognize that we aren't just dealing with customers or business owners, we are taking peoples lives into our hands and helping to shape them. "

Sarah's message to you, the reader right now at this moment. I am learning to become more than the sum of the tragedy I have lived. You see, it seems so easy to read it, and so easy for others to say it, but, the truth is, your life really is what you make it. You won't always do the right thing but you will learn. Sometimes the lesson will hurt, sometimes, it will inspire you, sometimes it will shake your whole world, and sometimes it will light up your entire life. You, and you alone, make the choice.

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