There was a time in my career when I had it all together, like literally everything was perfect. I felt like the world was in the palm of my hands. So what did I do? I took the world by storm and I decided I was going to take all my dreams to the next level.

I decided that, although I loved Marketing, there was a few common things most entrepreneurs would disclose when sharing with me what they felt was holding their business back. One of them was attracting leads in their day to day routine. They just didn’t do it or they didn’t have time. Out of this I created a monthly networking event called The Savvy Networker.

A networking event where I educate entrepreneurs on marketing topics while providing a space for entrepreneurial connections. It was incredible and I was loving every second of it. From there I wanted to grow bigger. I wanted my networking events to be global like the rest of my company. I decided to create a tour (which we are still on now) where I would travel to 30 cities over a years time and launch our event.

Let me tell you, I planned for months on end. It was exhausting, but I was going to make this happen now matter what. The final tour launch came and I was beyond excited. Our tour sponsor and I were hosting two events in two cities in three days. Let me tell you, our trip was three flights, a tram ride, and a car rental. We got a total of an hour and 40 minutes of sleep during the tour and on the way home our rental car with no snow tires landed us in a snow storm.

With basically no sleep, we decided to crash at a truck stop along the highway in a city, I cannot even recall the name. By the time we made it home, it had been three full days with less than 5 hours of sleep and I had to stay awake to get the kids from school. If I can just say, we rocked the events, they were so truly amazing BUT, we were exhausted, we didn’t get any social footage of the events and we didn’t get any real data to follow up with people…

Why? Because while we thought we had it all together we quickly realized we didn’t. Not because we didn’t prepare, but because things don’t always go exactly as planned and that my friends is a simple part of life and business. So those glorious moments when you think you have it all together and then something comes along and side swipes you, just remember, the life of an entrepreneur is truly about learning, and with each new day no matter how prepared you are, you will have the chance to learn a new lesson based on the obstacles put in your path.

Some will push you forward, some will change your direction, and some will challenge you so much you grow in ways you never knew possible. Here is a helpful reminder; you will never have it all together so be patient with those who work alongside you, be patient with the process and most importantly be patient with yourself. You are the best asset you have in business, so be kind to yourself.

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