Strategy & Planning

Whether the goal is to grow your B2B company or get acquired, an integrated marketing plan has the power to transform your business and put your brand on the map. Using a strategic clarity map, we determine why you`re in business, who benefits from that, what your goals are and then we help implement the right marketing strategy for your business.

At Market Savvy & Co, we provide marketing packages, that cover you from every angle. We begin with clearly identified goals and then determine the approach, process, timing, division of labor, budgets and metrics for success. Depending on your marketing needs, your custom marketing plan is designed to cover web development, media relations, social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, and so much more.

With bi weekly reporting, we use data to validate experience when deciding whether or not to pursue with your created marking plan, as markets change your plan will need to as well.  Our reports provide you with measurable research, data and insight, and supported by implementing proven, cost-effective, sustainable tactics.

Too often, companies spend a great deal of time and energy creating a plan, only to have it gather dust on the shelf – while business goes on as usual around the office. Our marketing strategies are realistic and sustainable. Helping you to grow your business with the vision you have.