Stick to Real Estate, not Photography

The first impression a buyer has for most homes are the pictures online or those they see in a feature sheet. This first impression is a big step in setting expectations and selling the house. Here are a few things to look for in real estate photograph that will help you sell the house.

Firstly, the images should fairly represent the house. While the house should show as well as it can, a buyer’s disappointment will hurt the chances for a sale, if the pictures look nothing like the house. If your pictures make the room look bigger or smaller than they actually are

The images should include pictures that convey a great curb appeal. Again first impressions count. If the buyer is visualizing themselves living in a home, they don't want the first impression of the house to be how much work it will take to clean up. Pictures speak a thousand words.

The images should show the house interior as big and comfortable as possible. Chunky furniture should be moved out of the way. Vertical lines should be parallel. This can be done with careful camera placement or in post processing.

Windows are a great source of light but they can appear too bright. The photographer has a number of methods to avoid the brightness of windows. If there is nothing interesting outside the windows, the photographer may pull the drapes or sheers and turn on the interior lights. He may use a flash; He may take many almost identical pictures and ‘stack’ them to make the exposures more even. By changing the white balance, the yellow tinge that incandescent lamps may cast can be changed to a comfortable white light.

Should you know the technical details? Not really, but hopefully this has given you some ways to look at real estate property photographs to ensure that you have the best chance to sell the house.

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