Are you ready to speak at The Savvy Networker?

If your in business and you have reviewed our upcoming panel discussions and have found one that suits you, then you have come to the right place.

Here, is where you can register to be on one of our monthly panels.

All you have to do, is read the below terms, agree to them, select the month and category you are applying for and wait for someone on our team to get back to you.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who have been there done that and have experience giving business what it really takes to thrive.

We have a few housekeeping rules that are a MUST in order to speak at The Savvy Networker.

1) No Selling - you are on stage to inspire and educate people on business pactice, and lessons you have learned along the way. This is not a platform to sell your service or product so please, kindly, do not.

2) No Training - although you are on the panel to tell your business story and what you learned, you are not there to train. The audience will develop their own lesson and take from the event what they need. If they connect with you later on from a place of inspiration and want to know more about you and what you do, thats great and we love that but on stage there is no training, no coaching policy.

3) No Preaching - as you likely know business isn't about preaching your view on things it's about solving problems and becoming relatable. So do just that! Educate the audience on your story and converse with the other panel members about what was affective and inaffective for you in business and le the audience draw knowledge from that.

Here’s how you can become a guest speaker on our panel:

  1. Come out to a Savvy Networker events and introduce yourself to the hosts and attendees, network during our network period. We like to get to know you personally before inviting you on stage and hearing your wisdom. While you're at it, bring a few friends and colleagues along with you - we'd like the opportunity to network with both you and those who support you.
  2. If you're not already signed up for our monthly event eblasts, click here and add yourself.
  3. Join in on the social media interaction by clicking ‘Like’ button on The Savvy Networker Facebook Page. Here you can find all kinds of other guest speakers and start networking with fellow entrepreneurs.
  4. Lastly fill out the attached Savvy Networker Application form. Be sure to select the event that best suits you...and after that- await our call.








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