Savvy Breakfast Networking

Who We Are

The Savvy Networking Breakfast meet up has just celebrated the first year of serving members. We are a referral based network group that actively works to raise each other's profiles while exchanging referrals.

When We Meet

The Savvy Breakfast Group meets every other Tuesday morning at Doc Magilligans - Niagara Falls, Ontario

How it Works

The Savvy Networking Breakfast meet up is a referral based networking group. Bi-weekly our members meet, share their latest updates on their business, and exchange referrals to others in the group.  We have guest speakers who educate the group on different networking, business, and marketing strategies to continue growing outside our meetings.


Our Membership fee is $50/annually. This fee is used towards speakers and printing fees. In addition, you are welcome to join the group ion breakfast. Each member pays for their breakfast separately.