Buying that software was going to make my life and my business WAY better. Like, WAY better. So, I bought it! It was incredible, the most magnificent things were going to come from this. My new software was going to:

-save me money

-give me more time

-increase my leads AND… make me more money.

So here’s what happened after I bought it… H O L Y SH!T… came out of my mouth as my fingers stroked the keys M A R K E…I was putting my user name in, and then the phone rang. I jumped to get it, excited to grow my business and chat with my client on the other end of that phone. My fingers stopped, I grabbed the phone and started walking around my office chatting away. Minutes turned into almost an hour….CRAP, it was time to go get the kids.

I grabbed my purse and headed out the door. My new software was going to make my life easier so it could wait until later, after all I was about to make more money AND have more time. Sound like a familiar start? We’ve all been there.

So here’s what happened…It was a Friday when that phone call came in and I rushed out of the office and while I enjoyed my weekend, I had forgotten all about the software. Then Monday morning come, and I hit EVERY red light on the way to the office, making me late. Which meant that the 15 minutes I had to dive into my new software wasn’t going to happen today. Can you start to see where this is going?

If you’ve been in the same position you get it already. It was 6 months after getting billed monthly for my super amazing incredible software that I even had time to sit down and look at it. By then, my entire business had shifted, grown and transformed and I didn’t even need it anymore so what did I do with my software? Well, I told myself I would cancel it tomorrow.

Tomorrow took two more months. Here’s the lesson, YOU MAY NEED THAT SOFTWARE but, you also need to make time for using it otherwise, you may as well drop your cash in the can because you are wasting it away.

The strategy for buying software:

-Before purchasing your new incredible software, make a list of all the things it is going to alleviate for you.

-Determine how much time that will give you weekly and dedicate that much time in the beginning to learning and implementing that software.

-As time goes on, usually within 3-4 weeks, your software will be working away in its glorious automation that it will have replaced the time you were originally spending on all those important tasks.

-Now, all that’s left to do is schedule maintenance time.

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