Marketing - The Key to Your Success

Turning Strangers into Customers
Inbound marketing attracts your ideal audience based on discovery of interesting information (your expertise), driving traffic in your direction. We help you create and share appealing content for your specific audience across universal platforms helping to place new potential prospects into your lead funnel so you can nurture and build trusting relationships with potential buyers..

Strategy and Planning

It’s tempting to jump straight to content creating before planning a marketing strategy because it feels good to just do something to promote your new business. But if your marketing efforts aren’t working together and aren't consistent, they are working against you.


Your “brand” is the combination of language, visual and emotional components that define your company and it's culture. your brand is what sets you apart from the competition. Your brand should make people feel like you are the right fit for them every step of the way.


Brands are meant to be built on stories. It's the journey of teaching viewers who you are, what your company represents and shares the journey on how 'all that' is connected to them. It takes talented writers to successfully define a brand that people know, like and trust. It also takes the proper placement of that content to compel leads to take action.


Graphics are often the first thing people notice. If your graphics aren't 'worth a thousand words' they aren't worthy of your content. Our graphic design team focuses on brand strategy, uniqueness, functionality, and creativity to take your

PR/Social Media

It is crucial that your PR and social media plans mix well with your marketing and business development goals, if they don't you could be misleading the brand. Your social and PR strategy should be designed to generate leads and increase awareness amongst the masses.

Digital Marketing

Our data-driven digital marketing and SEO strategies are designed to boost website traffic, drive new leads, raise brand visibility – and provide a return on your investment.

Content Creation and Integration

Phase 1: Information Gathering

Before we will work on your marketing strategy, we want to understand your business goals, what solutions you provide, and who exactly we are working together to market to. We’ll work with you to define your ideal client profile, determine their pain points and define the steps of their buyer journey. Our focus is on placing efforts finding your best prospects.

Phase 2 Marketing Strategy

The next step matches your solutions to your ideal client's “pain” and gives them what they need. This is the planning stage for all the elements that will become part of your lead generating marketing plan. We map out your marketing funnel conversion path designing the steps your leads take towards becoming a buyer.

By guiding and teaching you about each step of the inbound process, understanding it’s importance over the long term, you will become empowered to be part of your marketing strategy.

Phase 3 - Creative Development

During the creative development stage we map out exactly what content is going be shared and how it will be shared. This includes collaborating with you to develop premium content such as page content, articles, ebooks, videos, and visual graphics and where it will appear on your website pages, blog pages, landing and offering pages, thank you pages, and in newsletters and social networks.

We’ll work together to build up your online collateral and lead generation strategies. Your high quality, relevant, educational, engaging, and sharable content will provide your audience with the ability to make informed, educated decisions making it easy for potential buyers to part with their money.

Phase 4 - Integration

Once the content strategy begins we begin implementing these into your website, blog, lead pages, thank you pages, and develop your social media and email campaigns strategies from the content being shared.

While we implement, we ensure that optimization takes place on each page and that analytic measuring tools are included to track the buyer’s journey.

Phase 5 - Inbound Marketing

Now your rock solid foundation has been created which supports ALL your marketing efforts, even traditional advertising. By this phase, you are set up to direct people into your marketing funnel.

Relationship building and nurturing begins through engagement in social networks, email campaigns, and community involvement online and offline, creating a steady stream of high quality, sale-ready leads. As a trusted source of information, you increase your visibility and authority and consistently stay top of mind with your audience.

Leads are given the opportunity to know, like and trust you while making informed educated decisions about your solution in a way that makes you a trusted advisor vs. a salesman.

Phase 6 - Review Process

Post campaigns, we can measure it's effectiveness and identify what worked well and what didn't and make adjustments.
The review period is also a good time to analyze the buyer journey and track what your ideal audience is doing then adjust any strategies to fit the journey to increase your positive outcomes.

We create long term strategies with you to consistently bring you new, high quality leads. Inbound marketing works over time to compound our collaborative efforts and build a system to attract your ideal audience and consistently place them into your marketing funnel.
As a business owner, you are empowered to be part of your marketing plan so together we can generate the most successful impact.