What makes a great set of property photographs?

Property photographs are often the first thing a potential residential client sees and this first impression is important to portray a property that is livable and comfortable and allows the client to imagine themselves living in the space.

If the pictures are welcoming, inviting and impressive, then the chances of the client wanting to see the house in person go way up.  If the pictures have flaws, it can leave a bad impression and the client starts off by saying no.

What makes a set of property pictures bad? Here are some of the things that make bad property pictures.
• Clutter. The client wants to imagine their family comfortably living in the property. Clutter makes any room look smaller and larger rooms are more inviting.
• Pictures that are taken to show the rooms smaller. Is the photograph taken from an angle that shows the room lit and as large as possible?
• Glaring windows. Often the camera settings that take a good indoor picture are the ones that blind the photograph with a window glare. The photographer has a number of ways to equalize the exposure, from using HDR to post production settings. Windows should be inviting, not a big white box.
• Toilet seat up (really!) and other such things.
• Crooked walls. If the camera is not positioned properly, the vertical lines will be slanted. This detracts from the perceived comfort of the house and the first thought of the client might be “Who wants to live in a crooked house?”
• Are counter tops showing well? Are the pictures taken from the right height so that counter tops show well and, special features like floors or ceiling coves are displayed?
• Do the pictures feature the flash points of the house? What makes the house special and make the client look forward to seeing that house?
• Do the pictures capture the curb appeal? E.g. no car in driveway, no garbage cans at the curb, lawn mowed, and shrubs trimmed. The right angles make a difference as well.
Check your property photographs for these no-nos. Any one of them can turn your client lukewarm, to a property that otherwise would be a great fit for them.

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