MailChimp Announcement: Marketing Automation for Everyone

We've got BIG news and it's coming to you straight from the source. Presenting MailChimp's FREE email automation. By using MailChimp you can create custom email campaigns to grow your business.

It's FREE and easier than ever

Mailchimp's free service has made it so you can personalize you email campaigns with high quality, beneficial automations that relate to your potential  customers just like you would. By automating your emails you can save time allowing you to grow your business and focus on more important tasks.

Strengthen your Brand

The free version of automation is just as good as the old paid one was so make use of this new tool to promote your business and grow your audience. You can now integrate Facebook Ad Campaigns to your automation and get your reach even further.  You can track engagement and ROI to see which ads resonate with your audience and make you money as well as attract new leads.

Make Stronger Connections with Your New Clients

Just like if you were standing in front of someone you want to make a lasting first impression.  Let people know you’re thinking about them by creating an annual ‘Happy Birthday’ email. Or, simply extend a warm welcome to new contacts. Staying connected is what it's all about and when you can do it with some simple automation .

If you aren't registered for MailChimp and are looking to use this simple email system to grow your database you can register your free account here.

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