The Love Languages of Entrepreneurs – Part One

Our Deck the Halls Holiday Savvy Networker was a huge success. You know you are making an impact when you get a standing ovation!

The topic that caught everyone’s attention was, ‘Relationships and Entrepreneurship.’ I talked about all kinds of relationships, from employee, to boss, children, lovers, and every other kind of relationship there is out there.

You may have heard of The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, The Secret to Love that Lasts. Well, I figured why keep it so direct so I began to study the languages of entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs we deal with all kinds of people on a daily basis. Whether our business operates online or off line we are still centrally build on communication. Communication is the one fundamental component that can make or break a business in a matter of seconds. It can determine whether something is done above and beyond, or completely wrong.

Communication is KEY, and so I bring you, the 9 Languages of Entrepreneurs:

  1. ‘I Need You’ – Everyone is structured differently in how they interoperate something. This statement can go two ways, and it important that you know and understand the person you are communicating with to know how they will receive this.  Example: Sally down in marketing may take value from being needed and appreciated. Often, we don’t place value on how much we need the support, and work of those around us. Saying something as simple as, ‘ Hey Sally, you are amazing at this, I need YOU to be the person overseeing the project.’ She knows her place and her place has value to her now. She can see she is an equal part of the team and people around her count on her. Assess the people you come in contact with daily and think about how you are phrasing your sentences to make sure you are using this love language in the right way.
  2. Recognition- This one is HUGELY important in all relationships. Recognition doesn’t have to be some big over done parade but recognition even in the simplest of forms, adds value to your network. When someone is doing good use at least one of the three forms of recognition to make them know you see how great they are doing. You can show recognition: publicly, privately or behind their back.  This type of language is what I like to call ‘feel good language.’ Studies show that the more recognition you give your employees and customers they better they perform and the stronger the relationship are.
  3. Praise and Encouragement – Praise to some may seem just like recognition but really it’s not the same thing. While Recognition, is based on factual things, Margaret sold 300 items this week!’ You may award her with Employee of the month, while praise sounds more like, ‘they way you set up the display, has made it look more inviting, great job!’
  4. Clear Direction – I love it when people give me clear direction. Without this kind of clear communication, nothing functions right. Clear direction is what I consider to be a strong leadership trait, not only does being clear and organized help me but it also builds stronger leaders within my company. They feel more confident in each thing that they are doing because they know exactly how to do it. It’s important to know the people whom you are working with as creative people often like direction but want to know there is room for their creativity while task oriented people want to know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it by. By using this ‘love language’ you can speak to the right people in a way that makes most sense to them.

For more on the love languages of entrepreneurs stay tuned for part two, coming soon!