Our world is changing, social media, the internet and rapid communication is redefining what understanding your customers means. There is a need to always be up to-date on both what your client requires and also what you competition can offer. Understanding your customers is the backbone of your business, if you don’t you stand a chance of losing the interest of your customers who might be enticed by other services, better marketed and  offered by competitors. Knowing your customers mean getting closer to them in a more relatable way, where you are able to KNOW, in the deepest sense the following

  • What they need, when they need it and how they want this services provided.
  • The reasons behind any sudden change in service request (fewer orders, reduced request and so on).
  • What additional services you can market to your clients that they will love..
  • The variations in demographic your customers represent and who, when and where to target services for them.


Adaptation is the key to success in client relationships and there are a number of ways you can ensure you are adapting quickly, effectively and in a meaningful way.

Personal Interaction
Have one on one interactions with your customers, this is very important especially when you are running a small business. Ask questions, many and often; know which part of your business holds their interest the most, and also which doesn't excite them. Bigger businesses do this through their online and offline customer care representatives and front desk help. In a small business relationships are king, build them, manage them and grow them

Having a Database
It’s so important to know your customers, keep a comprehensive database, which covers the trends your customers follow at different points in time, seasonal changes impact almost every business. Know who is buying what, when and in what quantity because this key base of analytics will help you make quick important decisions confidently rather than guessing.

Customer Friendly Services
Nothing attracts a strong customer base as much as customer friendly services that is available and attentive. This is the reason why you see customers with loyalty extending to brands over years, and even lifetimes. Happy customers and loyal, they will give you honest feedback on products and services and help you grow your business. Your customers are team members you cannot forget; think of them as the be all and end all of quality control. Embrace your customers feedback, give them your attention and build magnificent relationships.

Using a simple foundational set of processes to ensure your clientele come first and feel it you can ensure business growth in ways you can’t imagine. Customers are why we exist, they are the best part of your business and it’s important to honour them as such