Keeping Your Home Organized with Expert Julie Stobbe

Is your home full of clutter that your not ready to part with?

Julie Stobbe from Mind Over Clutter and Alastiar Birt from Royal LePage team up with Market Savvy & Co to tackle some home owner's biggest challenge...the storage issue.


Looking to maximize the value of your home?

Birt comments on the painful topic of home clutter when getting ready to list your home. Most of the general population has clutter in their home particularly in the form of a 'junk drawer, ' storage closet and most often the bedroom closets.

Stobbe shows us how to remove some of the bedroom furniture clutter by using extra hanging bars in the closet to maximize space. By doing so you can keep the closet clean and remove unnecessary furniture making the room and closet look bigger.

How many of you out there did a walk through of your property and measured every cupboard and closet? I will bet not many of you.

Too many shoes? Learn some amazing tips on storing them... so you can go buy some more;)


Too many shoes? If you or your wife have an over stacked amount of shoes try adding a shoe rack onto the shelf above your hanging bars. This creates layers that you can align your shoes on making the most of the space above your bars and allowing room for other items in the closet....or of course, making room for more shoes:)

What I can guarantee is that when you moved in you realized that the space you had wasn't quite what you expected. By using some simple storage techniques you can amplify your space and solve your storage issue.

Some great closet organization tools are:

  • scarf hangers
  • shoe racks to provide additional shelving
  • double hanging bars
  • cork boards and push pins for jewellery
Photo Credit: Phil Cheevers

If you have gone through all of this and still cant handle the clutter you can do one of two things, hire a professional or find a bigger home. Whatever the case may be we have the right resources here for home organization  and tips on how to list your home.

For more fun videos on house and home stay tuned.

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