How to be Invaluable to Home Buyers

An agent’s attitude towards their job and their clients is often the key to successful real estate sales, and yet you rarely hear agent advice on how to improve that aspect of the work. In fact, most agents we have worked with don’t even consider it to be a factor in the sale of a house…Ring the buzzer…they are wrong. Your attitude goes hand in hand with the importance of the first impression of a house, it is what helps a potential buyer relate to you and understand that you are working for their best interest.

Market insights, the right marketing tools and experience are one thing, but presentation and a sense for the clients’ needs are the cornerstones of a solid reputation. We suggest having a needs sheet that covers everything from location, to whether they want their child to go to Catholic or Public school. This way you can really narrow down your search and have talking points when showing that actually matter to the potential buyer.

Compromising your integrity for a sale is never worth it and never pays out in the long run. Do your due diligence and give your clients all the information you possible can so that they are making an educated purchase decision. Your word is everything in this business and your honesty will pay dividends in the future. People appreciate it when you do a little extra for them and when you are honest with them. Imagine bumping into a buyer who purchased a home last year and finding out that they hate their home all because you didn’t take the time to really investigate, or maybe do that third walk through that they wanted. Each step of the buyer’s journey and your attention to it is just as important as the air you breathe when it comes to real estate.

Remember these people are trusting you with their most important asset they will ever buy. Educating the public on the inherent value of our services is our daily challenge and attainable goal.

One thing to consider when working with buyers is that they need to spend some time and balance their needs vs. their wants in order to determine what they really want. This helps making selections easier when it comes to finding the home they really want.

Most importantly, all that fancy education you learned when you studied real estate, they taught you it so you could reteach it. Educate, educate, educate. There is nothing worse than hiring someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. It’s not only hard to trust them but it’s hard to work with them.

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