The Instant Marriage Proposal

I recently attended a morning breakfast meeting….7:30 am...holy cannoli….teaching marketing at 7:30 in the morning has its perks. You can basically get away with anything and blame it on the fact that you are tired, and so I took advantage of that. I had one of the guests do a fake proposal to another.

And why do you ask? Well, when we look at marketing try to look at it this way, you don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, or first time meeting them, or at a random breakfast meeting for that matter. People tend to run for the hills when you pop the big question without any foreplay.

Now let’s relate this back to marketing in the simplest form. When approaching a client treat it like you would a first date with the hopes that it turns into a life long partner. Get to know each other through genuine conversation, then introduce your business, then introduce something that could be beneficial for them, then work your way through the sales process and get a firm commitment. If they aren’t ready, don’t break up with them in the middle of the restaurant. Take a step back, let them breathe, continue to get to know them, and continue to nurture them. Be present to their needs and when the time is right re approach, or watch and be surprised at how when they are ready, they will come to you.

This is the first and most important piece to know when we look at inbound marketing. That old concept of, knocking on the door and pushing a book in someone’s face asking them to buy it simply does not work anymore.

Now back to the morning breakfast meeting, my takeaway is that i set myself a goal. My goal this week is to get to know each and every one of the people in attendance, whether it be through providing them with great content that’s relevant, having a coffee, or picking up the phone and just having a conversation.

Here are some amazing photos from our morning breakfast meet up.