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Buying or selling a home involves a lot of emotional and carefully thought out decisions. In such a competitive industry, realtors need to get creative about capitalizing on these emotions and tough decisions before even listing a property.

Without a doubt, real estate video marketing is one of the best ways to appeal to the emotional, subjective factors that come with just about every real estate transaction. Just like any other form of marketing, poor video marketing creation can turn off a buyer just as quickly as it can bring them in.

At Market Savvy & Co we have developed a simple video presentation, designed to capture your potential audience and bring life to each and every home you showcase. With text captions highlighting the home and surrounding areas, video marketing can certainly help make the potential sale of your next property easier.

Showcasing a professional video tour of real estate properties which you have available can dramatically boost sales. This and significantly reduce vacancy periods in properties which you have available for rent.

This is a fully HD, professionally animated video. Don't rely on static pictures and slide shows to sell your property. Professional real estate videos help sell and rent property 27% faster than other media.

What you get:

✔ An up to 90 second HD property tour just like in the above demo.

✔ 48 day turnaround.

✔ Royalty-Free background music.

✔ Can include your logo or existing animated intro

✔ Feature your website & 2 x social media links.

✔ You send me 6-10 HD property images, your property details & I do the rest.

Get Your Home Listing - Video Tour

$79.00 CAD per video tour.
Pictures supplied or *Home Listing Photo package taken (with Market Savvy Co)

* See also Home Listing Photo Package