Entrepreneurs Can Change the World


The second Monday of every month has become my personal favourite day of the month. With a mountain of preparation, I spend an entire month ahead of time preparing for our Savvy Networker event. The first couple times I hosted, it felt like my wedding. I put all this hard work in, planned for ages, then the big day came and it was all over. With the momentum of the group growing like wildfire, that whole feeling has changed. Week after week between each event people are still talking about how amazing it was. It's honestly one of the best feelings I have ever felt as an entrepreneur. People have been asking me for weeks how I grew the event so big so fast and my answer is always the same - I changed my mindset.

We have all heard it a dozen times - 'With the right mindset you can achieve anything.'

This new-found mindset was the basis of our November panel topic: The Entrepreneurs Role in Changing the World
I believe that entrepreneurial thinking can and is changing the world. Through my experience in the industry, I have learned that there is a typical 4 stage process that defines entrepreneurship which simultaneously enhances and is driven by 7 key mindsets.

The four stages being:
• Identify a problem
• Find a sustainable commercial solution
• Determine who values it, and what the target market is
• And take action

An old study showed that half the worlds population was under 25 and that created a crisis of youth unemployment. There is currently about 1.5 billion youth in the world and 90% live in developing countries. Two-thirds are underutilized meaning they are not in any formal education or employment.

This has serious social, political and systematic implications. You may be wondering what this has to do with YOU the entrepreneur. Well, this unemployment crisis wasn’t a prediction or a possibility, it’s a reality and one we are still currently facing. As entrepreneurs, we have the ability to address this and make a change.

At The Savvy Networker, we took a look at what entrepreneurial thinking is and why it is so crucial to where we are at today.

When you really break it down, the mindset of the entrepreneur is part of the solution to this problem.
Let’s take a look at the 7 mindsets:

1) Passionate, Inspired and Energetic – These people are passion driven and every opportunity is a chance to enhance their vision
2) Empowered and Confident – these people grab a hold of opportunities and make the most out of them
3) Ownership – taking ownership for your actions is crucial. Entrepreneurs understand that the best way to predict your own future is to create it
4) Fast Decision Making and Risk Taking – Taking risks can be scary no matter what industry you are in, however, you are the one backing yourself up as an entrepreneur, so you have two options…give up, or give it you're all
5) Leadership – I always say around the office, ‘don’t wait for opportunity, be a leader and create it’
6) Discipline and Hard Work – Entrepreneurship takes A LOT of discipline, but also returns A LOT of rewards
7) Learning, Adapting, and Being Dynamic – Entrepreneur mindsets teach us that we must continuously grow and adapt to the times and changes around us, allowing for continuous growth, and creativity.
This concept of entrepreneurial thinking can change the way the world thinks because when you think like this, you approach every day with actions, thoughts and emotions all working in an elevated state towards a mutually beneficial goal. Not only are you solving a potential client’s ‘problem’ but you are also growing your own network and net worth.