5 Creative Real Estate Advertising Ideas

Getting visibility for your listing can be a serious struggle, especially when every other realtor is doing the same things as you. Most realtors do the common things, such as MLS, newspaper and social media but, it’s the ones that set themselves apart that soar to the top of the real estate chain. It’s time to try something different to set yourself apart.

1. Are you the life of the party at home? It's time to make your listings the life of the party
Open houses are standard, and always the same thing! You need to get creative if you want to stand out. Start by getting your calendar and planning some events. Host them in prime places, either in million dollar mansions, or high end restaurants. This can be costly but it's memorable. Maybe do a cocktail party for those thinking to buy next year. Build brand awareness by bringing referrals and potential buyers to you without the concept of trying to sell, sell, sell. Let people get to know the fun side of you, the personable side instead of just the sales side.

2. Take pictures and videos from above
Professional photography is a given, but what about drone footage? This may not be possible for every single listing but it certainly will be for some locations. A stunning overhead shot is sure to impress potential buyers and gives them an overview of the whole community. If you specialize in rural locations, there is no better way to capture the wide open spaces than with aerial footage. If you’re on a budget, look for local drone hobbyists or amateur drone photographers. If your a new realtor or on a budget and cannot afford a drone go to Google and try to find over head shots of the area or contact a local marketing company to see if they can make an inexpensive video with aerial footage.

3. Sponsor local activities to promote your brand and grow your community
Whether you sponsor a sports team or an arts event, the impact can be the same, and a successful one. Be sure to have the team, or club request your logo on their marketing materials, sports jerseys, or websites. This is great exposure. If you want to take it up a notch, don't just sponsor...partake. Go watch the big production or join in on the sidelines and cheer the team on. Let people get to know you and actually be a part of the community.
4. Become the “most wanted” on local bulletin boards
Post your business cards or brochures on local bulletin boards. People actually look at these boards, and yet it’s surprising how few realtors view bulletin boards as quality lead generators. So carry fliers and cards at all times to leave at restaurants, salons, college campuses, schools, and coffee shops.

5. Become the go-to person for first-time home buyers
Who are guaranteed non-homeowners? Renters, of course! Find rental communities and offer a free first-time home buyer class at their community clubhouse. You get your name out there, but more importantly, you demonstrate your usefulness to a large segment of the existing community. There are few better ways to establish rapport than to be helpful. So get your educational materials ready, and start teaching!

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