3 Simple Ways to Dramatically Improve your SEO

When it comes to SEO, the ranking factors that impact local businesses are perhaps the most fickle and perplexing. Beyond organic ranking factors like backlinks and on-site signals, local businesses must also focus on elements like citations, Google My Business pages, and customer reviews.

While local SEO can present quite a challenge for most businesses, the rewards can be great. The localized search results (accompanied by Google Maps, reviews, and local business information) make up one of the most valuable forms of marketing real estate. For this reason, may entrepreneurs and realtors are jumping on the SEO bandwagon.

There are a dozen + ways to utilize SEO but the real question is, where you invest your energy, time and resources when it comes to this ever growing and changing tool on the web.


Website? Get it RIGHT!

Google algorithm...you may not understand it in its entirety but what you should know is that SEO factors constitute for about 30% of you on-site optimization and offers the quickest gains that are within reach.

Get your site in good SEO standing with a few simple steps.

  • Ensure that your website loads fast...slow websites are dreadful and most people let alone search bots don’t stick around to see if they are good.
  • Having properly optimized page titles and Meta descriptions that are unique for each page of your site.
  • Include your contact information in both the header and the footer, be sure to make it site wide.
  • Flood your pages with unique, well-written content with common key phrases or words pertaining to your business.
  • Building a sitemap page to include links to all pages of your site.
  • Links to social media  pages, include as many of them as you have. Be sure to include a Google My Business page. ( INSERT LINK)
  • And very importantly, have proper call to action buttons, links ect on your page

Quality Back Links

Once you have the in house fundamentals of SEO it’s time to get busy planting seeds in other gardens.

The simplest way to explain a back link is to think about another website or blog having a link to your site and in reverse you having the same. The more websites that link TO YOU

In short, backlinks define a site’s domain authority. So if your site has high domain authority, then it can rank significantly higher in Google. As such, seek opportunities to earn quality backlinks, whether through building directory listings, guest blogging, press releases, or creative content strategies that help your site earn links naturally.

3. Implement a Content Strategy

To drastically define your business as an authority, producing quality content that adds value and addresses a clients issues is key . Good content keeps your site fresh (keeping Google spiders coming back more frequently to crawl and index your pages.) Further, and potentially more impactful, awesome content can earn links and trust signals ( social media shares.)

Create a content calendar and stick to it. This can be monthly blog posts based on specific industry topics or aspects about your business. You can diversify your content strategy by publishing news or press releases, videos, and graphics. Unlike other aspects of local SEO that are somewhat technical and analytical, infusing SEO into your content marketing efforts requires  a sense of creativity.

These three components are elemental SEO strategies to actualizing better search engine rankings for your local business. Sure, there are a number of other factors to consider. But these are the big-picture components that will result in a winning local SEO program.

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